N.G. Pharmacy is a division of N.G. Industries Ltd. -a reputed large corporate house. It is a Sister divison of N.G. Medicare & N.G. Nurshing Home – both have earned the trust of citizens as low cost – no frills but diligent healthcare establidhment.

Corporate Culture, Financial strength, Systems etc ensurethat we source all Medicare at reasonable price and from genuine distributions ensuring quality & preventing any fake and counterfeit stocks.

N.G. Pharmacy provides a Computerized bill upon purchases. Computerized systems ensure close expiry date medicines being avided.

Air- conditioned & proper refrigerated storage backed by generator backed power supply ensures no detoriation of quality.

All billing being computerzied – there are no chances of eors in rates, price and you are free to check legible printouts of same .

We educate citizens of the reality that in India consumers face risk of Medicine which are routindy faked, tempered with or spurious, illegal and substandard.

N.G. Pharmacy provides to Citizens afforedability, convenience and the promise of 100% genuine medicines.

Presently NG Pharmacy has two retail outlets at the following locations.

  • 123A, Rash Behari Avenue, Kolkata - 700029
  • 23, Southern Avenue, Kolkata - 700026